This is the quick fix for when you need to respond to a canaryinthecoalmine attack against you.  You've expressed an opinion that the Canary takes exception to and have been the target of a paranoid rant.  You don't understand her crazy post, yet you feel compelled to respond, hoping Canary has taken her meds, even though you know Canary will never back her reply with facts.  Why waste your time composing that logical response.  Using the tool below, a random post will be generated, using Canary's own words that have been culled from TFP posts, with words like "left" being replaced by "right" and "prog" with "neocon (any weird capitalizations or misspellings are Canary's)."  Watching Canary argue with herself provides hours of fun, and most importantly, saves you time.


Just click the link below.  If the result suits you, copy it and paste it into your post.  If not, click "back" and SPEWIFY! again until you get a suitably absurd, illogical, or confusing rant to use to reply back to Canary.  You're not going to get a result that makes any less sense than our crazy bird!